Monday, September 18, 2006


Uh-oh… what would Popeye do?
An outbreak of E.coli bacteria is being blamed on spinach. It’s the pre-washed kind you buy in bags at the grocery store. You try to eat healthy and now this.
One person has died, 49 are sick … 8 states are affected.

President Bush made a rare trip to Capitol Hill looking for support on a bill outlining terror suspect interrogation. But, a Republican run committee in the Senate says it doesn’t pass muster. Four Republicans joined democrats in saying “no thanks” to the bill.

Yesterday Joe told you those poor saps on Wall Street are going to have to find a new ride because Ford was closing the plant that builds the Lincoln Town Car. Today, Ford announced 75,000 buyout offers … looks like those workers may need to find new jobs.

A now deadly outbreak of E.coli is blamed on pre-washed bagged spinach - Washington Post

Senate committee blocks terror interrogation bill - MSNBC

One analyst says gas prices could drop to $1.15 p/gallon - Seattle Times

Ford to lose $9 Billion this year, offers 75,000 buyouts - Detroit News

The Pope has upset Muslims by quoting a line about Islam in a speech - BBC

And, here’s a great story about “Friday Night Lights.” You don’t have to be a football fan to appreciate the sportsmanship displayed by two very different towns. NY Times


Katie’s gotten a lot of attention as the new anchor of the CBS Evening News. She ranked #1 for the first week worked the night shift.

And, filling Katie’s old TODAY Show chair is Meredith Viera. NBC says nearly 7 Million people tuned into see her debut.

So Joe wants to know: Do you get your news from morning TV, or evening TV … and if not TV, then where? Tell Us.

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