Thursday, September 21, 2006

El Diablo: Upstaging Tuesday’s verbal showdown between Bush and Ahmadinejad, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called Bush a “Devil” in his Wednesday speech and said the podium still smelled of sulfur. Many listeners in the General Assembly applauded the remarks. Washington Post / CNN (video)

African Union troops were set to leave Darfur at the end of September, but they’ll stay until December 31. This will likely keep out the UN-peacekeeping force for a while, which the Sudanese don’t want in the country - BBC Here’s some background on the conflict - BBC

California sues six carmakers saying emissions caused damage to the state. Guardian

Thailand’s quiet coup: Elections not for another year - MSNBC Some say the country’s king is behind the coup - The Age

Recent recalls and product problems have Japan worried New York Times

The shuttle Atlantis landed safely after a space junk scare, and NASA is very pleased. Full coverage - Orlando Sentinel

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The NY Yankees lost last night, but so did the Red Sox. That means the Yanks are going to the playoffs… clinching the American League East title for the 9th year in row. As you may also know, the NY Mets won the NL east and are headed to the playoffs.

So, Joe wants to know… would you watch a Subway Series if both NY teams make it to the World Series? Speak up you non-New Yorkers!

You know what’s going
to happen. And there’s
nothing you can do to
stop this guy. Notice
where the ball went.
He won’t be going to
the Ryder Cup.


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