Wednesday, September 20, 2006

At the United Nations on Wednesday, the big speeches came from Pres. Bush who, speaking to the Iranian people, blasted their leaders as sponsors of terrorism who want to build a nuclear bomb.

Iran’s Pres. Ahmadinejad didn’t pull any punches either taking on the US and the UN Security Council New York Times

When Thailand’s Prime Minister left the country for a few days to go the UN, the military overthrows him - CNN Some saw the coup coming - Times of London Coup leaders vow to restore Democracy.

What is that? Space Shuttle Atlantis crew tries to figure if the mystery floating object is vital for a safe return to Earth AP/MSNBC

Not yet: Reduction of US troop in Iraq probably not until Spring 2007 says US General Washington Post Saddam’s lawyers walk out of court, protesting the change of judges. NY Times

Leading British scientists write letter to ExxonMobil to stop funding groups that deny climate change Guardian

HP Chairwoman to appear in front of Congressional Panel about pre-texting scandal San Francisco Chronicle

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Striking numbers: A survey for a British television show “I Smack and I’m Proud” showed 80% of adults without children approved of smacking their kids to discipline them while 67% of those surveyed with children said they had done so. First, do these numbers surprise you? In England and Wales it’s legal to hit as long as it doesn't leave a mark. Does that matter? (Only 43% of respondents knew about the law.) Is it ok to hit a child to discipline them? Let us know at Joe.

Fellas: If you’re going
to propose to your girlfriend
in a stadium full of people
with cameras rolling, make
sure you know she’s going
to say, “Yes.”


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