Monday, October 02, 2006

Bob Woodward’s new book “State of Denial” says the Bush Administration has not been honest with the public about Iraq. We’re guessing he won’t be given the unprecedented access to Administration officials he had been given in the past. 60 Minutes/Yahoo (video)

A new biography about former Secretary of State Colin Powell says he was fired - or asked to resign. Is there a difference? Washington Post Magazine

And then there’s the e-mail scandal. Other than Rep. Mark Foley, who doesn’t realize that e-mails and IMs live forever? People aren’t just asking about the emails, but who else in Congress knew about them - CNN Some of the alleged messages are very explicit - ABC Foley says he’s headed to rehab - ABC News

Pakistan responds to Indian allegations that its intelligence service was behind the Mumbai train bombings Independent

Baseball’s Clemens and Pettitte deny allegations in an affidavit that they used performance enhancing drugs Los Angeles Times

Get all the football scores here … Nice job Chicago, the Bears are 4-0! ESPN

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Are you addicted to your BlackBerry? Waking up in the middle of the night to check it? Is it disrupting your life? As with anything, you may be able to sue. Companies are being warned that they could be sued by their employees because of their “CrackBerry” addiction. Yes, addiction. Are employers responsible for this problem or do people need to take responsibility for their own actions? Let us know. Then put down your BlackBerry.
Ever wonder what would
happen if you shot an egg
with a gun? What about
a banana?

Watch this, and wonder no
more. All Joe can say is,
“This guy’s got some aim!”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If a woman shot my banana, I would retaliate by shooting her eggs.

October 02, 2006 8:06 PM  

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