Thursday, September 28, 2006

Look who’s coming to dinner. Bush hosted Karzai and Musharraf for supper last night . The South Asian leaders have been hitting each other in the press recently. No food fights were reported - CNN Musharraf says bin Laden is alive in Afghanistan - Times of London

One student was killed after a school standoff in Colorado. The suspect killed himself as police stormed the school. Denver Post One paper reports the suspect sexual assaulted some victims. Rocky Mtn. News

After lots of media speculation that lasted well into Wednesday afternoon, T-O denies attempting suicide Dallas Morning News (video)

U.S. considers getting tougher with Sudan if it doesn’t allow U.N. troops in the Darfur region. Washington Post

It seems majorities in the House and Senate have found a bill on the treatment of detainees that they can agree on, but major partisanship remains. New York Times

In a high profile ceremony, Gov. Schwarzenegger signs bill to reduce California greenhouse gases 25% by 2020 Los Angeles Times


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NYC to be trans-fat-free: The city’s health department has a plan to ban trans-fats from restaurant food. Trans-fats can cause clogged arteries and contributes to obesity, diabetes and heart disease (New York Daily News). Has Gotham gone to far? Is it a individual’s right to be unhealthy? Or is NYC responding to a public health crisis? Put down your morning donut and let us know?

If you ever travel to Prague and start feeling randy - let’s face it, who doesn’t? - you may want to check out their new sex toy museum. No picture to the link today, but you can watch the news story here. This is from Reuters (a real news agency.)

The report isn’t shy about showing.. devices. So, if you’re boss gets his tighty-whities in a knot about those type of things, take care in who’s looking over your shoulder.


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