Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Bush Administration fires back! Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice blasts former Pres. Clinton for his comments on the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. MSNBC
Watch the said interview - FOX News

The TSA has eased the ban on liquids allowed on airplanes. Here’s the list of the items allowed. Note the fine print at the bottom CNN

No wonder Musharraf didn’t want to reveal anything from his book at Friday’s press conference. He says that the CIA paid Pakistan to turn over 369 al-Qaeda suspects Times of London

The Pope’s meeting with Muslim leaders - BBC What he was trying to say in his September 12 speech Economist

The FBI is still on the Anthrax case. There are some new findings Washington Post

Gordon Brown, possibly the next British PM, makes his case to the Labour party - Guardian He talks to Sky News (video)

If one of your engines caught fire when taking-off from LAX, you might turn around and land, but not this British Airways flight. It went all the way to England Telegraph

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With all the hubbub over the FOX News interview with former President Clinton, we’re talking politics today.

So, tell us…. Will the heated exchange harm or help the Democrats. Some say the party is lacking direction (and backbone), will this invigorate the left? Or, will it get the GOP fired up for November. What do you think?

This video brings road
rage to a new level. Not
because it happened on a
racetrack, but because
the enraged driver wisely
decides to attack the car
with a flying kick.


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