Friday, September 29, 2006

That’s harsh! Pres. Bush says Democrats offer “nothing but criticism and obstruction and endless second-guessing” when it comes to the war on terror. AP

As expected, the Senate approves detainee bill Washington Post House approves bill to give president warrantless wiretapping authority New York Times

Attack on contractor convoy caught on tape by ambushed truck driver. Pretty dramatic stuff CNN (video)

NATO forces to extend their stay in Afghanistan BBC

Documents show HP bosses got a warning that spying was “probably illegal” as some of those execs testify - even if it’s just to take The Fifth - on Capitol Hill AP/MSNBC

On the docket: Issues headed to the Supreme Court this term USA Today

Checking you out: If you’re traveling from Europe to the US after Saturday, you could run into delays BBC

An American woman space tourist is back on earth. Have you ever wanted to visit the “last frontier?” Soon, you may be able… and Virgin wants to be the company to take you. Video

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Up top we linked to a story on the bill passed by Congress Thursday making rules for terror suspect trials. The Washington Post also has an article that says the bill strips detainees of many common rights (like challenging their own detention, and using evidence collected through hearsay and coercion.)

Tell us… Is this OK? How does this make you feel as an American?

How did you evolve
since 1998? This guy
decided to find out how
he changed over the
last six years. Now you
can too.. in only one
minute, 44 seconds.


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