Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Four female students dead after a shooting at an Amish school. The assailant appeared to target the girls. Philadelphia Inquirer (Full coverage)

The Rep. Mark Foley E-mail scandal could have a wider effect in Congress Washington Post - Some Republicans & one conservative newspaper is calling on Speaker of the House Denis Hastert to resign The Washington Times

Dispute over whether former CIA chief Tenet warned then-National Security Advisor Rice about an al-Qaeda threat before 9/11 New York Times

South Korean foreign minister on track to become next UN Secretary-General BBC

If you’re an online gambler in the US, it may be time to fold Los Angeles Times

But, don’t worry, with gas prices (SF Chronicle) dropping faster than your chip count, you can take a road trip to Vegas or Atlantic City!

First cars can talk, now phones can scream BBC (video)

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Tennessee Titan Albert Haynesworth was suspended for five games for stomping on the head of Dallas Cowboy Andre Gurode and kicking him. It’s the longest suspension in NFL history for on-field behavior (AP/Sports Illustrated). Too much? Or too little? Let us know at Joe. To be honest, we don't know ourselves. We haven’t seen the incident. If anyone knows a link to the video, send it to us and we’ll post it on Wednesday.

Who do you think
will win this match up?

It’s not Holyfield-Tyson,
rather Bear v. Cougar

Watch here to see
what happens.


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