Tuesday, October 10, 2006

North Korean nuke test claim: Was it a dud? AP Reaction from world leaders - Telegraph Other countries in the region may be against the test, but have trouble agreeing on many other things -(Seoul) JoongAng Who is North Korea’s “Dear Leader”? The Australian - Other than the nuke test, what else is going on in North Korea - Times of London

Witnesses will appear in front of a House committee investigating the Foley scandal. Questions may focus less on the Foley communications and more on “who knew what when” Los Angeles Times

Northern Irish Catholic and Protestant leaders sit down for talks BBC

Fidel Castro “isn’t dying,” he’s just recovering - according to his brother. CBS News

Google agrees to buy YouTube for $1.65 Billion CNET

Steinbrenner hasn’t made up his mind about Joe Torre.. But Mike Lupica has New York Daily News

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It appears that North Korea had an underground nuclear test on Monday. What do you think about all this? Will it lead to an arms race in the region? Will the US pursue military action? Does have the ability to do it? Can a peaceful resolution be found? Tell us.

This guy seems awful
happy doing yard work.

Watch here to find out why.


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