Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Foley scandal is THE story in Washington with implications in November’s election. Need to know more? Find links to articles, blogs, timelines and videos Time

After North Korea said it’s going to test a nuclear bomb, a US negotiator says it can have a nuclear weapon or a future, but “it cannot have them both” BBC Diplomatic efforts continue (Melbourne) Age

Peace at hand? Blair says “the IRA’s campaign is over” Independent Meanwhile, in the Middle East... Washington Post

Iran has an odd idea for nuclear verification BBC

Bush signs bill to put up fence across US-Mexico border Reuters/MSNBC

Former HP Chairwoman indicted along with four others in the corporate spying scandal San Francisco Gate

The world’s biggest soccer player - umm, soccer brand - denies he will retire in two years Telegraph

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A UK paper asks if the US can be “weaned off its love affair with guns?” First, is there really a love affair with guns? If so, why? With three school shootings in a week, will there be new gun-control legislation as there was after the Columbine massacre? Or will the gun lobby be able to fight it? And why are there so many more gun killing in the US as compared with Canada, where guns are also easily accessible? Let us know at Joe.

Fellas, this video
may have you thinking
twice before hitting on
that girl at the beach.

Watch what happens
to this Casanova


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