Monday, October 09, 2006

“A Great Leap Forward.” That’s what North Korea is calling the nuclear test it says was carried out overnight. NY Times Background info - AP/MSNBC

As the Foley scandal continues and the election draws nearer, is the Republican Revolution over? Time A GOP lawmaker says he knew about inappropriate messages by Foley in 2000 Washington Post

Another day, another food recall… this time lettuce. It’s a tough time in the salad industry. San Jose Mercury News

NATO commander warns Afghanistan is at the “tipping point” Sky

A Russian journalist who was critical of President Putin and about to file a story about torture in Chechnya was killed over the weekend. The Kremlin was noticeably quiet about her death Guardian

It happens today. We’re maxed out. Humans begin taking more than the Earth can replenish Independent
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There is a lot of debate about this blog posted in an English newspaper by British MP and former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw. In it, he discusses talking to Muslim women who wear veils conceiling their faces and that “the conversation would be of greater value if the lady took the covering from her face.” Does he have a point? Would conversation be better if you could see the face of the person you’re talking to? Or is he being insensitive to another culture? Let us know at Joe.

Does this look familiar?
A guy toiling away at
his desk… we know
you can relate.

But this guy’s got a
funny take on his
chairborne existence.

Click here to watch.


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