Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Was the North Korean nuke test successful? There are doubts - CNN China could support sanctions - Washington Post It took less than two days for the finger-pointing to begin - New York Times

Meanwhile, over in Iran.. BBC

Lately, Israel and Syria have been talking very nicely to each other BBC

Does Google + YouTube = Another dot-com boom? New York Times

We told you about that Russian journalist who was killed, here’s an article on why her death matters. Slate

Patch your Windows! AP/MSNBC

The diamond industry is worried that Leo’s upcoming film will convince you not to buy your lady some bling this Christmas or Valentine’s Day Los Angeles Times

Safe! Torre says he’s going to stay with the Yankees AP/New York Post

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We want to know what you think of Google’s purchase of YouTube. Does it signal the start of a new boom, or a new bust? Are you willing to invest in new tech stocks? And, would you quit your traditional job if the right web job came along?
Lets us know at Joe.

Ever think your
dog is smarter than
you … or dream he’s
talking to you?

Maybe he is…
Watch this!


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