Thursday, October 12, 2006

A higher toll than we thought? A report says 655,000 Iraqis have been killed since the start of the war - BBC Bush says it isn’t credible - Guardian Army Chief of Staff: US troops to stay in Iraq until 2010 AP/MSNBC

New York Yankee Cory Lidle and one other person was killed when his plane crashed into a Manhattan apartment building. Here’s the latest - CNN Who was Cory Lidle? - Sports Illustrated

It’s no Foley e-mail scandal, but a Democrat is having ethics problems of his own AP/MSNBC

“Azzam the American” a SoCal native and Islam convert, was charged with treason. He’s the first American to be charged with that crime since WWII Los Angeles Times

That new flatscreen LCD you just bought might be obsolete by next year (Melbourne) Age

Break-Up? (We’re not talking about Jen and Vince) BBC

This is a real celebrity nugget, for all those who ask for it: There is once again balance in Taradise Reuters/MSNBC

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Mel Gibson is telling the story of his DUI, and the anti-Semitic rant that followed. Part one of the interview aired today on Good Morning America. In it, Gibson says it was the booze talking… "And I'm not that. That's not who I am, you know."

So, what do you think? Is Gibson innocent, or was he just liquored-up enough to say what he believed deep down? Tell us.

Stephen Colbert was cooking
with Jane Fonda and Gloria
Steinem on his show Tuesday
night. Kisses were exchanged
and there was an “ice cream


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