Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bush-backed panel says U.S. shouldn’t stay the course in Iraq. One idea on the table is to ask for help from Syria and Iran. Los Angeles Times

Secretary Rice heads to Asia to talk to countries about the U.N. Resolution on North Korea’s nuclear test. Washington Post Newly appointed U.N. Secretary General talks about how he’s going to deal with the North Koreans. Times of London

After a lot of money spent on “checkbook diplomacy,” Venezuelan’s outspoken president Hugo Chavez bid for a seat on the U.N. Security Council seems lost. Guardian

Former FDA chief will plead guilty to not disclosing the fact that he owned stock in companies that were regulated by the agency he ran. AP/USA Today

Wal-Mart set to move big into China. New York Times

From the WTF? file.. Heidi Fleiss on Mike Tyson: “He is a genius and he can be very stupid like most people.” Vegasblog/Los Angeles Times

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By the time you read this issue of the Joe, America will be a nation of 300 Million people. But that’s not all because of births. Immigration is playing a huge role in these huge numbers. The Census Bureau did the calculations. (The Baltimore Sun breaks down the numbers.)

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According to something called
the Bravo Evolution Report,
the future doesn’t look good
for humans. Or rather, humans
won’t look good in the future.
Check out our evolution.


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