Monday, October 23, 2006

Rethinking Iraq? Over the weekend, the New York Times reported that the Bush administration is going to present benchmarks to the Iraqi government to stop the violence and hand over power. Meanwhile, is the U.S. military talking to insurgents about amnesty? (London) Times

Must-see story on the genocide in Darfur: What the Sudanese government doesn’t want to get out. And find out about the “complicated” relationship between the U.S. and Sudan. 60 Minutes U.N. Envoy in Sudan is told to leave. BBC

Everyone seemed to be talking about Sen. Barak Obama last week (though his book tour was part of it). Time magazine put him on its cover and Oprah said she wants him to run for president. He said he is considering it. Washington Post He made the comments on Sunday’s Meet the Press (video).

In fantasy football, remember the real teams, not your fake ones. New York Times

Ford “fit” to play in “Indiana 4” movie. AP/Los Angeles Times

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President Bush met with military leaders this weekend to talk about Iraq. Do you think a new plan is being created, and will we see a change in strategy?

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Have you ever wondered
what it would feel like to fly?
A group of crazy guys found out….

Watch here.


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