Friday, October 20, 2006

U.S general says plan to secure Baghdad is “failing.” BBC Bush likely to change the course in Iraq. Washington Post It’s not just the U.S. The Brits and Aussies are changing their position too. (Melbourne) Age

You’d think “Dear Leader” is a rapper. The guy Bill Maher calls “Li’l Kim” is getting hurt by sanctions where it hurts: No more Hennessy. No more Mercedes. Bloomberg Now Kim says he’s sorry MSNBC

Is it really a democracy? Another move by Russia to crack down on free speech Telegraph

“This is an Ultimatum.” Iran’s president is at it again, threatening Israel & its allies. NY Times

Thanks to a new device, the Klingons won’t be the only ones with cloaking devices. Telegraph

After mocking Kazakhstan, Borat gets invited “home.” BBC

The Cardinals beat the Mets last night in a nail-biter. St. Louis Post Dispatch

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It’s finally been decided: The Fall Classic begins on Saturday with the Cardinals and Tigers.

Who’s going to win? How many games will it take? If you don’t support either St. Louis or Detroit, do you care? Let us know at Joe.

Got skills behind the wheel?
Think you drive well?

Check this guy out…
he’s driving vertical.
Watch here.


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