Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bush agrees escalating violence in Iraq could be the equivalent of the Tet Offensive. ABC Eleven U.S. troops killed in 30 hours. Los Angeles Times Blair: UK troops could leave in 10-16 months. Guardian Poll shows dropping support. MSNBC

Gruesome allegations of rape and murder of Iraqi girl by U.S. troops. CNN

Space Balls: Bush authorizes tough policy on U.S. interests in outer space. “Adversaries” looking to the stars had better watch out. BBC

There may be a virus on new iPods. Apple points the finger at Microsoft. (Melbourne) Age

It goes to game seven for the Mets and Cardinals. ESPN

Actually going to the stadium for Sunday’s football game? You’ll be seeing more security after a threat of dirty bomb explosions turned up on the internet. Miami Herald

It is getting UGLY in the McCartney-Mills divorce case. Daily Mail

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A BBC survey found that 29% support torturing prisoners in some circumstances. Of the 27,000 people polled in 25 countries for the survey, 59% said torture was unacceptable under any circumstances. So, what do you think? Is there ever a case where torture can be used, or is it never permissible. Let us know at Joe.

Borat’s movie is coming
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Here’s an interview.
Watch it here.


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