Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Iraqi President is keen on the idea of Syria and Iran helping in Iraq. If it happens, he said the plan could “be the beginning of the end of terrorism.” BBC

U.S. says North Korea could be planning a second nuclear test. CNN

Bush signs law on protocols to interrogate and prosecute terrorist suspects. Washington Post

Another 20 years in Afghanistan? Sky

This shepherd claims he took part in killing black Africans and destroying their villages in Darfur. (London) Times

Lawyer: Mark Foley to announce the name of the priest who abused him. Miami Herald

Don’t worry about the Foley scandal… Karl Rove tells a conservative paper the GOP will keep congress. Washington Times

Oh Wesley… you didn’t file your taxes? LA Times Details The Smoking Gun

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Forbes is calling us a Grumpy lot. The magazine says the average American is making more money than generations before. But, it also says the average American thinks they’re not doing as well as their parents and grandparents.

It’s a great article with really cool stats. Read it and tell us, are we doing better or worse than previous generations?

How do you discover this “talent?”
It makes us think he got hit over
the head with a tennis racket a lot
as a kid, and the “skill” came out
of necessity.


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