Friday, September 29, 2006

That’s harsh! Pres. Bush says Democrats offer “nothing but criticism and obstruction and endless second-guessing” when it comes to the war on terror. AP

As expected, the Senate approves detainee bill Washington Post House approves bill to give president warrantless wiretapping authority New York Times

Attack on contractor convoy caught on tape by ambushed truck driver. Pretty dramatic stuff CNN (video)

NATO forces to extend their stay in Afghanistan BBC

Documents show HP bosses got a warning that spying was “probably illegal” as some of those execs testify - even if it’s just to take The Fifth - on Capitol Hill AP/MSNBC

On the docket: Issues headed to the Supreme Court this term USA Today

Checking you out: If you’re traveling from Europe to the US after Saturday, you could run into delays BBC

An American woman space tourist is back on earth. Have you ever wanted to visit the “last frontier?” Soon, you may be able… and Virgin wants to be the company to take you. Video

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Up top we linked to a story on the bill passed by Congress Thursday making rules for terror suspect trials. The Washington Post also has an article that says the bill strips detainees of many common rights (like challenging their own detention, and using evidence collected through hearsay and coercion.)

Tell us… Is this OK? How does this make you feel as an American?

How did you evolve
since 1998? This guy
decided to find out how
he changed over the
last six years. Now you
can too.. in only one
minute, 44 seconds.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Look who’s coming to dinner. Bush hosted Karzai and Musharraf for supper last night . The South Asian leaders have been hitting each other in the press recently. No food fights were reported - CNN Musharraf says bin Laden is alive in Afghanistan - Times of London

One student was killed after a school standoff in Colorado. The suspect killed himself as police stormed the school. Denver Post One paper reports the suspect sexual assaulted some victims. Rocky Mtn. News

After lots of media speculation that lasted well into Wednesday afternoon, T-O denies attempting suicide Dallas Morning News (video)

U.S. considers getting tougher with Sudan if it doesn’t allow U.N. troops in the Darfur region. Washington Post

It seems majorities in the House and Senate have found a bill on the treatment of detainees that they can agree on, but major partisanship remains. New York Times

In a high profile ceremony, Gov. Schwarzenegger signs bill to reduce California greenhouse gases 25% by 2020 Los Angeles Times


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NYC to be trans-fat-free: The city’s health department has a plan to ban trans-fats from restaurant food. Trans-fats can cause clogged arteries and contributes to obesity, diabetes and heart disease (New York Daily News). Has Gotham gone to far? Is it a individual’s right to be unhealthy? Or is NYC responding to a public health crisis? Put down your morning donut and let us know?

If you ever travel to Prague and start feeling randy - let’s face it, who doesn’t? - you may want to check out their new sex toy museum. No picture to the link today, but you can watch the news story here. This is from Reuters (a real news agency.)

The report isn’t shy about showing.. devices. So, if you’re boss gets his tighty-whities in a knot about those type of things, take care in who’s looking over your shoulder.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

“The Iraq conflict has become the ‘cause celebre’ for jihadists, breeding a deep resentment of US involvement in the Muslim world and cultivating supporters for the global jihadist movement.” Top Secret no more: Bush declassified portions of the leaked National Intelligence Estimate - New York Times Here’s the released portion (It’s short - just over three pdf pages)

Pakistan Prez Musharraf agrees that the war in Iraq doesn’t make the world safer - CNN Musharraf’s book angers India ..and some in his native Pakistan - Australian

It could be a very good day on Wall St. The Dow is poised to reach its record high - CNBC

European Commission recommends Romania and Bulgaria for entry into EU - BBC But why are people still selling infants in Romania? ITN/CNN (video)

Enron’s ex-CFO Fastow gets six years. The sentence was lighter than the original plea deal CNNMoney

What’s up with Team USA? any sport? Fox Sports

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We’ve given you a link to that declassified documents from the National Intelligence Estimate. The president didn’t want to release it, but he did under pressure… and after sections were leaked.

Will you read it? And, does it change your opinion of the war? Tell us here.

If you’re looking for
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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Bush Administration fires back! Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice blasts former Pres. Clinton for his comments on the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. MSNBC
Watch the said interview - FOX News

The TSA has eased the ban on liquids allowed on airplanes. Here’s the list of the items allowed. Note the fine print at the bottom CNN

No wonder Musharraf didn’t want to reveal anything from his book at Friday’s press conference. He says that the CIA paid Pakistan to turn over 369 al-Qaeda suspects Times of London

The Pope’s meeting with Muslim leaders - BBC What he was trying to say in his September 12 speech Economist

The FBI is still on the Anthrax case. There are some new findings Washington Post

Gordon Brown, possibly the next British PM, makes his case to the Labour party - Guardian He talks to Sky News (video)

If one of your engines caught fire when taking-off from LAX, you might turn around and land, but not this British Airways flight. It went all the way to England Telegraph

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With all the hubbub over the FOX News interview with former President Clinton, we’re talking politics today.

So, tell us…. Will the heated exchange harm or help the Democrats. Some say the party is lacking direction (and backbone), will this invigorate the left? Or, will it get the GOP fired up for November. What do you think?

This video brings road
rage to a new level. Not
because it happened on a
racetrack, but because
the enraged driver wisely
decides to attack the car
with a flying kick.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The National Intelligence Estimate - a report by the US’s 16 spy agencies - said the war in Iraq has made global terrorism worse Washington Post

There aren’t enough troops in Iraq. How that came to be. Time

Bush and Pakistan’s President Musharraf talked to the media on Friday about not threatening one another and not making deals with the Taliban. But Musharraf couldn’t answer all the questions because of his publishing deal - CNN Musharaff on the threat to be bombed back to “the stone age” if Pakistan didn't help America after 9/11 - 60 Minutes

Despite the rumors, it appears bin Laden is still alive Time - Bill Clinton gets heated talking about his efforts to get the guy FOX News

“El Diablo” is in the details: Why Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez shot his mouth of last week in New York Telegraph

Pope meets Muslim diplomats … can he calms the fire over his comments BBC News

“Hut, Hut … What?” The NFL is considering putting wireless communicators in players helmets New York Times

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Last week Virginia Sen. George Allen admitted his family secret that mother was raised Jewish. Newsweek called it an “awkward outing.” In 2006, should this even matter? Does his reaction to it matter more than how the public reacts? What is this going to do to his re-election senate bid (he’s neck-and-neck with his opponent)? Tell us what you think?

Sure, Middle School science
class is fun… you learn how
to make some things blow up.
These guys should’ve skipped
that class … for their own good.

Friday, September 22, 2006

It’s been a “hell” of week at the UN, if you know what we mean. What, with Venezuela’s Chavez calling Pres. Bush the devil, not to mention the traffic in NYC.

Palestinian President Abbas said a government will recognize Israel. But the Hamas PM says no way. BBC News

The White House and the Senate have reached a tentative deal on terror suspect interrogation rules. Washington Post

The US is urging anyone from 13 to 64 to get tested for HIV. NY Times

If you are ill right now, or a planning an illness, head out to WalMart. The retail giant will start selling some prescriptions for $4.00 a pop. Sure beats that crappy co-pay you’ve got. MSNBC

Forbes published its annual list of richest Americans. This year all 400 are Billionaires. Check the site for a rich uncle. Forbes

The Ryder Cup is ON! Live scoring updates Sports Illustrated

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What’s your life worth to ya? If given the chance to live to 100 years old, a majority of people in a British survey says they’d give up sex to reach the old age. And, sorry guys, but it was mostly women who would forsake the sack: 48% of women said they’d give it up, while only 31% of men said they would. SO, what do you think… would you?

This kid thought he was in for an innocent amusement park ride.

Watch how his stepmom is there for support.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

El Diablo: Upstaging Tuesday’s verbal showdown between Bush and Ahmadinejad, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called Bush a “Devil” in his Wednesday speech and said the podium still smelled of sulfur. Many listeners in the General Assembly applauded the remarks. Washington Post / CNN (video)

African Union troops were set to leave Darfur at the end of September, but they’ll stay until December 31. This will likely keep out the UN-peacekeeping force for a while, which the Sudanese don’t want in the country - BBC Here’s some background on the conflict - BBC

California sues six carmakers saying emissions caused damage to the state. Guardian

Thailand’s quiet coup: Elections not for another year - MSNBC Some say the country’s king is behind the coup - The Age

Recent recalls and product problems have Japan worried New York Times

The shuttle Atlantis landed safely after a space junk scare, and NASA is very pleased. Full coverage - Orlando Sentinel

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The NY Yankees lost last night, but so did the Red Sox. That means the Yanks are going to the playoffs… clinching the American League East title for the 9th year in row. As you may also know, the NY Mets won the NL east and are headed to the playoffs.

So, Joe wants to know… would you watch a Subway Series if both NY teams make it to the World Series? Speak up you non-New Yorkers!

You know what’s going
to happen. And there’s
nothing you can do to
stop this guy. Notice
where the ball went.
He won’t be going to
the Ryder Cup.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

At the United Nations on Wednesday, the big speeches came from Pres. Bush who, speaking to the Iranian people, blasted their leaders as sponsors of terrorism who want to build a nuclear bomb.

Iran’s Pres. Ahmadinejad didn’t pull any punches either taking on the US and the UN Security Council New York Times

When Thailand’s Prime Minister left the country for a few days to go the UN, the military overthrows him - CNN Some saw the coup coming - Times of London Coup leaders vow to restore Democracy.

What is that? Space Shuttle Atlantis crew tries to figure if the mystery floating object is vital for a safe return to Earth AP/MSNBC

Not yet: Reduction of US troop in Iraq probably not until Spring 2007 says US General Washington Post Saddam’s lawyers walk out of court, protesting the change of judges. NY Times

Leading British scientists write letter to ExxonMobil to stop funding groups that deny climate change Guardian

HP Chairwoman to appear in front of Congressional Panel about pre-texting scandal San Francisco Chronicle

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Striking numbers: A survey for a British television show “I Smack and I’m Proud” showed 80% of adults without children approved of smacking their kids to discipline them while 67% of those surveyed with children said they had done so. First, do these numbers surprise you? In England and Wales it’s legal to hit as long as it doesn't leave a mark. Does that matter? (Only 43% of respondents knew about the law.) Is it ok to hit a child to discipline them? Let us know at Joe.

Fellas: If you’re going
to propose to your girlfriend
in a stadium full of people
with cameras rolling, make
sure you know she’s going
to say, “Yes.”

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The UN General Assembly opens its 61st session today: Iran’s nuclear program and genocide in Sudan, are on the front burner. And President Bush and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will address the general assembly today though they won’t meet.

Meanwhile, the White House is sending a new bill up to congress regarding terror suspect interrogation. Some senators are worried the president’s original plan doesn’t quite adhere to Geneva Convention standards.

First it was Dell, then Apple… now Toshiba is recalling laptop batteries made by SONY. The latest recall has nothing to do with spontaneous fire… so you’ve got that going for you, which is nice.

France says sanctions aren’t the best way to pressure Iran over their nuke program - BBC How China fits in the mix - San Francisco Chronicle Interview with Ahmadinejad - Time

New bill on interrogation procedures may be heading to Congress - CNN Clarifying the debate - New York Times

Canadian tortured in rendition program is cleared - Washington Post

Why “Trek” Matters - New York Times

Drink up: Study shows pomegranate juice can slow prostate cancer - BBC

Mets clinch NL East for first time since 1988 - AP/ESPN


Pete Rose was banned from baseball in 1989 for betting on the game. He tried to get reinstated before admitting in his 2004 book that he did bet. Now, there appears to be baseballs Rose signed saying, “I’m sorry I bet on baseball - Pete Rose.” (See article) Does this matter? Should Rose’s betting - and his admission keep him out of baseball? And therefore the Hall of Fame? Let us know at Joe.

Starbucks is expensive,
but this guy - who calls
himself The Kid From
Brooklyn - is REALLY upset
about it.

Monday, September 18, 2006

As world leaders converge on the United Nations this week, political and popular pressure builds on the Sudan to allow a UN force into the country.

And, they’re going to need a skilled choreographer at the UN, as both President Bush and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be in attendance. The White House says the men won’t meet, and their staffs won’t talk either. Sounds like that diplomatic end to the Iranian nuke program is going swimmingly.

Pope Benedict XVI offered a Mea Culpa on Sunday for remarks he made earlier in the week about Islam. Not everyone was satisfied. And the killing of a nun in Somalia could be linked to anger over his remarks.

Pope apologizes for statements about Islam, but it’s not enough for some. BBC

More people sick from e-coli after eating spinach. AP/MSNBC

An estimated 200,000 dead and 2 million displaced in Darfur: Worldwide rallies and political pressure on Sudan. CNN (video)

Warner, Graham McCain: The three Republicans who put the brakes on Bush’s detainee bill New York Times

From the “we couldn’t make this up” file: Man in China got a penis transplant, but rejected the organ.. For psychological reasons. Guardian

T-O breaks finger in game against Redskins. He’ll miss two to four weeks. ESPN



The number of people now infected with E.coli is up to 109, and a second company has been linked to the contaminated veggie.

So, tell us… Will you eat spinach again? (Did you eat any already?) Did you have to trash any spinach in your fridge?

Email us at

For Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive
feature, the magazine has been
showing photographs of the mystery
lady over the last few months.
She’s going to be revealed in the
next issue. Who do you think she is?

Uh-oh… what would Popeye do?
An outbreak of E.coli bacteria is being blamed on spinach. It’s the pre-washed kind you buy in bags at the grocery store. You try to eat healthy and now this.
One person has died, 49 are sick … 8 states are affected.

President Bush made a rare trip to Capitol Hill looking for support on a bill outlining terror suspect interrogation. But, a Republican run committee in the Senate says it doesn’t pass muster. Four Republicans joined democrats in saying “no thanks” to the bill.

Yesterday Joe told you those poor saps on Wall Street are going to have to find a new ride because Ford was closing the plant that builds the Lincoln Town Car. Today, Ford announced 75,000 buyout offers … looks like those workers may need to find new jobs.

A now deadly outbreak of E.coli is blamed on pre-washed bagged spinach - Washington Post

Senate committee blocks terror interrogation bill - MSNBC

One analyst says gas prices could drop to $1.15 p/gallon - Seattle Times

Ford to lose $9 Billion this year, offers 75,000 buyouts - Detroit News

The Pope has upset Muslims by quoting a line about Islam in a speech - BBC

And, here’s a great story about “Friday Night Lights.” You don’t have to be a football fan to appreciate the sportsmanship displayed by two very different towns. NY Times


Katie’s gotten a lot of attention as the new anchor of the CBS Evening News. She ranked #1 for the first week worked the night shift.

And, filling Katie’s old TODAY Show chair is Meredith Viera. NBC says nearly 7 Million people tuned into see her debut.

So Joe wants to know: Do you get your news from morning TV, or evening TV … and if not TV, then where? Tell Us.

Have you ever wanted
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Sounds fun, right.

This clip may
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Thursday, September 14, 2006

One woman is dead and 19 are injured after a shooting rampage at Dawson College in Montreal. The suspected gunman was killed by police.

A wildfire in Montana doubled in size Wednesday forcing hundreds of evacuations. Even some celebs have had to go.

Republicans in two Congressional committees back Bush on two major bills. Warrantless wiretapping in the Senate and military tribunals for terrorists in the House.

You high-rollin’ investment bankers and lawyers may have to find a new “black car.” Ford is closing the plant that makes the Lincoln Town Car. It’s unclear if they’re going to be making the Wall Street car of choice at another plant.

Montreal shooting rampage CBC

Bush makes progress on two terror bills Washington Post

NATO says no to more troops in Afghanistan Telegraph

Former TX Governor Ann Richards Dies AP/New York Times

Black Car’s future on Wall Street uncertain Bloomberg

NFL Coaches: “The Hardest-Working Men in Human History”? Slate


The new season of Survivor debuts tonight on CBS. This time the teams are divided by race. Teams of whites, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians will compete against each other. When the news broke a few weeks ago people were obviously upset. Is this a bad idea? To say that it’s being done for ratings is obvious: It’s TV, of course they thought about ratings. But could it enflame racial tensions or enhance stereotypes? Or could it get the public to discus race?

While Republicans and Democrats
argue over whether or not Bush’s
Monday night speech was political,
Jon Stewart has his own take on
the speech. (You gotta click "Enter
Now" once you get to the page.)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

60 tortured bodies were found in Baghdad, and another 22 people were killed by car bombs in Iraq today. All this as Republicans and Democrats argue over the statement by Pres. Bush on 9/11. He said the Iraq war was pivotal to US security.

As predicted, Apple announced a movie download service and - surprise, surprise - more versions of the i-Pod. So, if you don’t think the i-Pod has lost its cool, as we asked yesterday, you’ll probably be heading out to spend another few hundred on a new one.

And fans of the Crocodile Hunter are taking revenge in a morbid way as plans for his funeral are announced for next Wednesday.

Drama at the Saddam trial in Iraq. ABC News Death Squads still in Baghdad. MSNBC

Surprising day in international diplomacy. Iran to Iraq: I got your back - BBC US to Syria:Thanks - CNN

Wildfires in the West are threatening to break all time records. Great Falls Tribune

Apple announces new movie service and i-Pods CNET

After scandal, HP Chairwoman steps down New York Times

Crocodile Hunter fans hunting stingrays in real life BBC and in a video game The Age

Gangsters’ girlfriends say no violence or no sex Guardian


Imagine a world without skinny models. The folks at Madrid fashion week do. They’re banning models that don’t measure-up to a certain height-weight ratio. Organizers say they are concerned about girls and young women who want to aspire to models’ often rail-thin looks. Modeling agencies say it should be up to designers who model their clothes and that it could ruin some models’ careers. What do you think? Are the Madrid fashion folks doing a good thing or overstepping their bounds?
______________________________________________________________________ Entourage’s Jeremy Piven pulled an “Ari” on Billy Bush outside the Emmy’s. They probably won’t hug it out anytime soon.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

An attack on an US Embassy was thwarted today in Syria … just a day after President Bush addressed the nation. He talked about terrorism, security and the war in Iraq… calling it pivotal to the war on terror - despite the fact Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11.

Meanwhile, a British lawmaker said the UK shouldn’t be “slavish” in it’s relationship with the U.S. and says both countries’ view the war on terror in “unrealistic and simplistic” terms.

Monday Night Football moved to ESPN last night after being on ABC for 36 years. It was a double header.

Militants try to storm U.S. Embassy in Damascus, Syria - the attack was thwarted. MSNBC

Hamas, Palestinian Prez agree to form coalition government - Guardian Hopes that deal will lead to end of the West’s sanction - Telegraph

British conservative leader critical of US-UK policy BBC

Forget the electricity, running water and new hospitals... have a Coke and a smile. War-torn Afghanistan gets a Coca-Cola plant - BBC Interview with the Afghan President - Time

Prequel to the HP pretexting scandal: How it unfolded Newsweek

Tuesday morning quarterbacking on the double-header, and get this the Vikings won. The Chargers beat the Raiders.


Rumors abound that Apple will announce it’s going to start selling movies over i-Tunes. Another great advancement for Steve Jobs and Apple, or is it too much? This person argues that the i-Pod is so prevalent that it’s lost its cool. What do you think? Have the i-Pod and i-Tunes peaked? Let us know at Joe.

You’ve seen the Mac v. PC
commercials. Now it’s gaming’s
turn: PS3 v. Nintendo’s Wii.
You’re a playa. Which do you like?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Five years after 9/11. You’ve heard all the retrospectives and remembrances. But some facts remain: the trail to Bin Laden is apparently “stone cold,” many Americans don’t feel safer, and the country is still at war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

And life has changed in the United States. There is a new color coded system to alert the public to the latest threats. Armed police and military personnel stand guard in airports, train stations and even tourist destinations.

Politicians off all stripes say we’re safer today, but let’s hear what they say in in November.

Many sites have full coverage pages for the 9/11 Anniversary. Most have a variety of multimedia: New York Times MSNBC BBC Miami Herald Sydney Morning Herald

Bin Laden trail “stone cold” - Washington Post Maybe Pakistan holds the key - Times of India

Israeli PM agrees to meet with Palestinian President - The Independent

Tony Blair says Islamic extremism is a bigger threat than many realize - Haaretz

Are you feelin’ it? U.S. gas prices down 21 cents in 2 weeks - CNN Money


There are a ton of news retrospectives, documentaries, and docu-dramas about 9/11 that have been shown in the last week. Is this the right way to remember 9/11? Are you tired of reliving September 11, 2001 every year? Are there other way to honor and remember those who died on that day? Tell us your thoughts.
If you do want to remember the World Trade Center before 9/11, the New York Times has a photo essay that takes decades-long look at the iconic Twin Towers.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Osama has shown his face again. The tape’s old and reportedly shows the planning of 9/11. Bush can’t be happy. He just declared justice would be brought to al Qaeda. Meanwhile, the president’s plan to prosecute terror suspects is meeting resistance…. From the military no less.

It’s Friday.. good Friday for Steelers’ fans. The Superbowl champs opened the NFL season with a win.

Joe made it through it’s first week. We’ve gotten a few comments, but where are the rest of you? We know all of you and know you’re not shy. If you see something you like, tell us. If you see something you don’t like, tell us that too.

Have a great weekend. See you Monday.
Arabic TV channel releases a tape showing Bin Laden before the 9/11 attacks. BBC

Bush’s plan to try terror suspects isn’t getting the rubber stamp yet. New York Times

Researchers say they’re able to communicate with a patient in a vegetative state. BBC

Hewlett-Packard is into something new: Snooping on journalists San Francisco Chronicle

Superbowl Champion Steelers win the NFL opener.. Plus the rest of the weekend’s match-ups. ESPN
A new CBS / New York Times poll shows that 39% of Americans feel less safe than they did five years ago. Here’s something else, 41% of Americans say the threat of a terror attack has increased since the 9/11 attacks. What do you think as we head into the 5 year anniversary of that world-changing day?

This girl hits the nail on the head when it comes to her Starbuck’s Frappuccino.
Don’t watch if you really enjoy your afternoon “freshy.” She’ll guilt you right out of your 3pm treat. ____________________________________________________________________

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

The ball is in your court Congress…. That’s what Pres. Bush had to say as he announced that, yes, the CIA did run secret prisons. He charged Congress with deciding how to try the 14 terror suspects that were held. (They’re all at Guantanamo now.) Why did he make the announcement now? Oh yeah, it is an election year… how could we forget.

Today in Atlanta the president will again talk about the war on terror, a war in which he may lose an ally. British PM Tony Blair is expected to announce today he’s leaving office next year.


-Bush talks about the CIA detention program and terrorists on trial - New York Times CNN What’s going on at Gitmo - CNN Rules of interrogation - Washington Post

-Control of the Iraqi army has been turned over to the Iraqi Prime Minister. BBCNews

-Tony Blair is expected to announce when he’ll resign as British PM - Guardian Are Iraq & his support of Pres. Bush to blame? - CNN

-Marlin rookie throws first no-hitter in two seasons Miami Herald

-And, everyone’s favorite heir-head Paris Hilton was arrested overnight… another celeb, another DUI.


If you don’t follow golf, this may come as a surprise: There’s talk in the PGA about testing for performance-enhancing drugs. We’re not kidding (Los Angeles Times). Nothing seems imminent, but people at the PGA, the World Anti-Doping Agency and players Tiger Woods and Greg Norman are talking about it. If performance-enhancing drugs are a problem in golf, and it’s not clear that they are, should there be testing? Do you think some golfers are getting some chemical help on the course? Do you care? Let us know at Joe.

This investigative reporter in San Diego got beat up. And it was all caught on tape... as they say. That’s right, the cameraman kept rolling.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

President Bush is stumping again today… talking about the war on terror. But his defense secretary won’t be talking today, as he feels the heat from both Democrats and Republicans.

Here’s something to think about at work today... Intel says it will lay off more than 10,000 workers (10% of the company.) Viacom CEO is fired. Ford CEO step down. But, hey, the US Markets were nudged up.

And there’s a hurricane brewing in the Atlantic, but rest easy, Florence won’t affect your weekend.


Bush compares Bin Laden to Hitler. BBC News And blasts Iran. Washington Post

Iranian President wants to students to denounce the country’s liberal professors Telegraph

Ford out as CEO at Ford. Detroit Free Press Puts in auto-outsider: former Boeing exec. Fortune

They say it’s the biggest find since the 70’s… but will a huge oil find lower gas prices?

You Got Game? “Warcraft” conquers the world. New York Times

Remark that set off Zidane’s head-butt in World Cup Final revealed ESPN
What Do You Think?

Steve “The Crocodile Hunter” Irwin’s death has touched many people around the world. He was filming at the time of his death. His friend and producer said he saw video of Irwin being stabbed and then pulling out the tail. Should the video be publicly shown? If it makes it to the web - very likely—would you watch it? Go to the Joe, click on comments and let us know.

After her Indian-influenced performance on the MTV Music Video Awards Shakira might link up with a Bollywood director for her next video (BBC). You should watch her MTV performance.
We wouldn’t lie. Neither do her hips.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Morning Joe Is Brewing

Summer is officially over. Which means, for one, politicians are going on TV and getting in your face to get your vote. And according to polls, you’re very unhappy with our elected officials. Because of the economy, the handling of Katrina and the war in Iraq, Republicans are in trouble.

And the biggest news of the day: The Morning Joe is back. Go to our website, click on comments and tell us what you think. Don’t forget to tell your friends about the Joe.

Over 700 killed in Iraq last week. Los Angeles Times Bush to “repackage the war.” Time

Campaign season picks up. Republicans have reason to worry. Chicago Tribune

Former Iranian Prez on US Tour Washington Post He says US policies have increased extremism in Middle East. CNN

A teacher for a year. A CEO for a day. The pay is about the same. New York Times

Tiger Woods wins fifth straight PGA Tournament. The Tiger Tracker: Sports Illustrated

What Do You Think? With the midterm elections a couple of months away, you’ll be seeing poll after poll. Here’s one to get you going: A CNN poll says voters are more discontented and less likely to vote for an incumbent. True? Go to our site, click on comments and let us know.

You’re probably not desperate to watch her show, but you’re desperate to watch her: Eva Longoria in Maxim.